How to Create Vue JS Auth Scaffolding in Laravel 11

Today, I'm excited to guide you through creating Vue.js authentication scaffolding in Laravel 11. Vue.js is a powerful JavaScript framework that allows us to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces, and integrating it with Laravel's authentication system can supercharge your web applications.

In this tutorial, we'll walk through the steps to set up authentication scaffolding using Vue.js in Laravel 11.

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Step 1: Install Laravel 11

This step is optional. If you haven't created the Laravel app yet, you can do so by executing the following command:

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-11-example


Step 2: Install Laravel UI

Let's install the Laravel UI package by running the following command:

composer require laravel/ui

Next, to install the Laravel UI package command for creating authentication scaffolding using Vue.js, run either of the following commands:

php artisan ui vue

# OR

php artisan ui vue --auth

Now, let's install npm by running the following command:

npm install

This will generate CSS and JS min files.

Next, run the migration command:

php artisan migrate


Step 3: Run the Laravel 11 App

Now, to run the Laravel app, simply type the following command and hit enter:

php artisan serve


Home Page


Login Page



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