Laravel whereBetween Query Example

In this article, I will demonstrate a Laravel whereBetween query example. SQL offers various methods and queries to retrieve filtered data from a database. In this post, we will explore the Laravel orWhereBetween query builder example.

We'll dive into a Laravel whereBetween dates example and also cover the use of Laravel's orWhereBetween SQL query alongside Laravel's query builder.

Let's get started laravel 8/9/10 whereBetween and orWherebetween example.

Example of whereBetween() condition in laravel 8/9/10

Now I will show you an example of the whereBetween() query in laravel 8/9/10 and how to write the whereBetween() condition in laravel.

$students = DB::table('Register')
           ->whereBetween('RollNo', [1, 50])


SQL Query Example

So first, we will see SQL query for better understanding.

select * from `Register` where `rollno` between ? and ?


Get all records between two dates using wherebetween in laravel

We will get records between two dates with the help of whereBetween in laravel 8/9/10.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\Register;
use Carbon\Carbon;
class RegisterController extends Controller
    public function index(Request $request)
      $names = Register::whereBetween



In conclusion, we've explored the powerful whereBetween method in Laravel. These methods provide a flexible way to retrieve data from the database based on a specified range, making it a valuable tool in your Laravel development journey.

Whether you're working with date ranges, numerical intervals, or any other field, the whereBetween queries offer an efficient and elegant solution to filter your data effectively.


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